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As your Representative, I would promote parent-choice initiatives, defend our current homeschool compliance practices, and continue to support charter schools in North Carolina. We must give each child the opportunity to learn in an environment that fosters the best results and empowers each parent to be able to make that choice.


If elected as your Representative, I will fight for our children in our local county public school systems to provide sound curriculum, raise funds for capital infrastructure, and continue to fund extracurricular activities like music, arts, and sports - most needed in our youth today.  

I will work to make sure our education system public or private, is effective and efficient for everyone. We must work to utilize private-public collaborations in our educational system, as we do in other industries. This will continue to provide our communities with resources to keep up with the ever-growing demands on our education system across the state and ensuring that our North Carolina students stay in North Carolina and provided the best opportunities to succeed in whatever endeavor they choose. 

Effective education policy means that we must return the authority to the states and empower parents with the opportunity to choose the most effective, safe, and personalized education for their children. 


As a former school administrator for an at-risk program, I have first-hand experience in the education system, how it operates, and the daily challenges these school systems face.

I have served on numerous advisory committees for Charter schools in Florida and North Carolina. For far too long, parents have been frustrated with the lack of options for their child(ren), while state and local elected officials have avoided and smeared the idea of promoting school choice.



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Voter Integrity 

The right to vote in a free and fair election is the most fundamental right to any functioning democracy. Today, this right is under attack. Questions on both sides of the aisle have come up. Did Donald Trump really lose to Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election? Did Hillary Clinton really beat Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democrat primary? Our democracy is threatened when the people no longer have confidence in its elections.

Furthermore, I believe our electoral system cannot inspire confidence from the public without the ability to properly identify voters and provide safeguards to prevent fraud. Our government should be able to guarantee to every citizen who is eligible to vote that their vote is properly counted. As your future representative, I will fight for election integrity as a top priority until every North Carolinian feels confident that their vote counts and matters. I will support legislation to re-introduce Voter ID requirements, require state election officials to verify U.S. citizenship, and work to strengthen constitutional protections and oversight of our election system to bring back confidence and integrity for our election process. 

Job Development 

In Caswell County alone, 15.4% of our community lives in poverty, with a decrease of 1.5% employment locally. Our issue is not only in education, but also in providing the means by which our students can transfer their educational experience into the workforce, creating the opportunity for job creation, and expansion. 

As we have seen with Governor Cooper’s $146 million Job Development Investment Grant program and OneNC Fund, the creation of incentives alone does not result in jobs. Additionally, these grants have been disproportionately assigned to already affluent areas, leaving the already suffering counties further behind, and only creating limited jobs for those areas lucky enough to be “chosen”.  

If elected as your Representative, I will make it a priority to engage in job development strategies that have proven results, such as Private-Public Partnerships programs. These programs will benefit our communities now, and for future generations to come. Our community is full of bright talent, waiting for their chance to shine. Even now, trades and tech industry careers have a projected growth rate of 6% year over year. I want to provide programs that help pave the way for our citizens to become part of that growth. 


Additionally, I will work hand-in-hand with local community leaders, to create programs and partnerships that help our students, unemployed, and those looking for a career change have viable options that are encouraged and supported. By implementing evidence-based incentives, coupled with common sense policy we can bridge the gap between education and job creation.  I will encourage companies to partner with community colleges and support job placements after completion of certification and educational programs. This type of common-sense policy helps create long-term investment and relationship in our communities, as well as immediate jobs for our community. 


I was raised by a mother who was a housekeeper and a father (101st Airborne Veteran) who was a carpenter by trade. As the first person in my family to earn a college degree, I have experienced firsthand that with hard work - opportunities in this great country are limitless. We must not fall into the ideological traps that divide our society, while also not diminishing the achievements of our diverse communities with the liberty of celebrating our cultures, and not apologizing for the way God made us – making us all in His image. 

As a father of three amazing children, I never want them to believe they are victimized by their diversity, but instead they should be empowered by their diversity and the opportunities that arise because of it.


If elected, I would be the first Republican Hispanic American elected to serve in the NC General Assembly. I look forward to showcasing that true diversity in race and thought is welcomed by all by North Carolina, its citizens, its businesses, and the Republican party



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With North Carolina’s business-forward policies, it is no surprise that it consistently ranks in Forbes’ Top 5 amongst other publications and similar accolades. Many people today are fleeing anti-business states and deciding to bring their business to North Carolina. With this new growth, it is obvious that our economic policies must be kept strong.  Only someone with experience can do this strategically and in a balanced way. I have that experience. I began my career as an at-risk school administrator and transitioned to the private sector as an HR Manager to small and growing businesses and corporations. I have been an avid investor of small businesses, as well as an active and licensed Realtor in North Carolina and Florida.

My experience in working with a myriad of small businesses has allowed me to see firsthand how entrepreneurs positively impact their community, provide for families, and improve their community. As your Representative, I would support evidence-based incentives for economic development to provide long-term business investment to North Carolina; as well as creating innovative public-private partnerships that would relieve the cost burden from our citizens while simultaneously improving the civil and public services available to the residents of Caswell and Orange counties, respectively. 


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That is why, if elected as your State House Representative I will work to reduce regulatory burdens, reduce government overreach, and continue to help bring in new investment to our State. I will work to continue to help our local small businesses while also bringing in new investment and job opportunities to our community, without losing the charm that makes our communities great.